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Hello, nice to meet you. I am Angelica, the principal of MANABU Japanese Language School in Davao City, Philippines.

​I came to Japan as an international student in June 2016 and am learning about Japanese language and culture. My dream is to support those who want to learn Japanese in Japan and those who want to work in Japan and help them realize their dreams. My goal is to support many Filipinos to be active in Japan and achieve a happy life in Japan.

Aragon Angelica


Why I Founded a Japanese Language School

After graduating from university in 2015, I was looking for a Japanese language school where I could learn Japanese.

In Tabao City, where I live, I visited several Japanese language schools (most of them were learning centers, not schools at the time), and attended a famous local Japanese language school.


However, the text was very old and poorly copied many times. It was written entirely in the alphabet, with no hiragana or katakana notation, let alone kanji. After studying in Japan, I made friends with students from other Asian countries, and they all learned hiragana and katakana properly at their home country's school. At that time, I had doubts about the quality of the Japanese language classes in the Philippines, and felt the need for a Japanese language school that could properly prepare for studying abroad. With the help of my Japanese friends, I created original teaching materials based on textbooks and curricula used in Japanese language schools. Then, in March 2018, it opened as a Japanese language class, and in 2019, it was approved as a Japanese language school by TESDA. Despite the coronavirus situation, many students are learning Japanese, and many of our graduates are now active in Japan. In addition to international students, there are many people who are studying for pre-entry training for technical intern trainees, JLPTN4 exam preparation for specified skilled workers, etc.


If you want to learn Japanese and be active in Japan, please enter MANABU JLS. In addition to face-to-face classes, online classes are also possible.

I look forward to meeting you all in the near future.


MANABU Japanese Language School

Principal Aragon Angelica

​ Study now. Pay later.

Study Now, Pay Later

Meet our teachers

The strength of MANABU JLS is the Filipino Japanese instructors. Most of our teachers have experience living in Japan, so we have a good reputation for pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Their experiences in Japan are also one of the attractions.

MANABU JLS's strength is its team of Filipino Japanese language instructors. Most of them have lived in Japan before, so they are well known for Japanese pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar skills. Their stories of their experiences in Japan are also an added attraction.

​Admission and school fees are now free

​ Please inquire at any time regarding the start date of each course. In addition, please feel free to contact us for consultation on payment in installments for tuition fees, consultation on studying abroad, etc.

Please contact us at any time for the starting dates of each course. Also, please feel free to contact us for advice on tuition installment payment, study abroad, etc.


Overview of each class

Class time 120 minutes/1 class

​Number of classes 90 times

Class format ①Face-to-face ②Online


school fees, etc.

Entrance fee PHP500

Teaching materials fee PHP500

​ Tuition PHP5000

* Installment payment consultation


​Free consultation

We are accepting free consultations at any time for those who want to work as a technical intern trainee in Japan, those who want to work as a specified skilled worker, and those who want to go to Japan to study.

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